Safety Guidelines

  • Runners/Bikers should not run with anyone outside of their household if they exhibit ANY symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or if they have recently come into contact with anyone that exhibited any symptoms.
  • Plan to meet up with running partners outside in a parking lot, or other open area that allows for appropriate social distancing (minimum of 6 feet) and plenty of ventilation.
  • Groups should be small, no more than 4 people per group, with appropriate safe distancing while running/biking.
  • Groups should maintain social distancing when not running (6 feet of space and no touching) before/after the run, at stoplights, etc.
  • Each runner should carry their own water in a handheld or hydration pack and should not share with running partners
  • Group photos should abide by social distancing guidelines - 6 feet of space and no touching.
  • I know we are all excited to see each other, but for now, no hugs, high-fives, fist bumps, or touching of any kind.
  • Run with the same group of people and have discussions to understand and be on the same page with everyone's exposure risk as well as each person's pandemic procedures in their daily lives.
  • Most importantly, Everyone should have face coverings available and they should be worn anytime that social distancing is not possible.